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About Us

Four local mavens Christine Bottrell, Mary-Jayne Boyd, Nadia Dosenko-West and Margie Gleeson are the founders of Breaking New Ground. We identify opportunities, activate ethical partnerships and create awesome projects.


Each began her career teaching in the creative arts and between them have decades of education experience with very young people through to adults; having taught at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels in diverse environments. After numerous and long discussions over the years we decided early in 2016 what was needed was for us to physically commit to a project that has the arts, sustainable living and a love of learning at the centre. This has led us to offer to partner with Albury West Primary School in the design and construction of a Community Garden: a source for learning and a future resource for community education partnerships.

From our combined individual profiles below, you will identify the breadth of experience Breaking New Ground has to offer, not just in the arts and education, but in community engagement, project management and leadership. United we provide a strong sense of purpose and ethical management which ensures all voices contribute to the planning, design and implementation stages, and that your project develops without sacrificing quality.



By engaging in the artistic process, people develop an enduring passion for learning. As individuals discover their ability for creative thinking and problem-posing and solving, they can blossom, become self-motivated, gain knowledge, confidence and stretch themselves.


Breaking New Ground (BNG) engages people in the arts by providing bespoke and professionally taught sustainable, visual and performing education programs from early years through to adult. BNG works alongside educators, schools and community groups to match experts, environment, performing and visual arts programs with curriculum outcomes or other specific requirements.