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Christine Bottrell

Christine Bottrell is a Doctor of Philosophy, has a Masters of Education by research and for the past twenty years has been working primarily in research methodology and postgraduate education. Christine weaves a philosophy of arts based thinking through quantitative data analysis, community & curriculum development, social policy and ethical leadership. In 2012 she left the university sector and founded her freelance research, evaluation and development business, REDthreads. Christine continues to work with established and new contacts in corporate, government and not for profit sectors with a focus on creativelearning environments, education as change, people development and ethical leadership.

Over three decades of experience in the public and private sectors, Christine has consolidated her career nationally working in all states and territories, but particularly NSW, Victoria and the Northern Territory. She has worked with students and educational leaders, communities from remote Australia to community centres in the western suburbs of Sydney, corporates and not for profits; navigating challenging issues, identifying, celebrating and building on capacity. She has a reputation as an advocate and mentor, enabling individuals and communities through active participation. The arts and storytelling are a powerful forum for conversations about how we live and Christine’s experiences in social justice initiatives and equity inform these.


Together with Margie, Nadia and MJ, Christine advocates the power of community capacity and supports organisations and individuals to sustain their best performances whilst broadening their connection with, and in, communities.