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Nadia Dosenko-West

Nadia Dosenko-West has been involved in the local arts community since the early 1990s. She studied at Charles Sturt University and has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Master of Teaching (Creative Arts) from Sydney University. Her interest in theatre led her to production design and stage work with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and MRPG (now Hothouse) and she has performed in several local productions including Our Country’s Good and the Symphony of Life at the Hothouse Theatre. 


As a drama teacher and artist based in the Albury region, Nadia has established connections within the education, arts and business world. She has a passion for connecting communities through projects and has recently initiated a community garden in East Albury, the aim to connect neighbours on a creative and sustainable project.


Nadia is an ardent connector. For the past 15 years, as creative and performing arts secondary teacher Nadia has enjoyed teaching theatre using project based learning (PBL) and design thinking. To inspire and encourage students to harness their creative skills and imaginations Nadia identifies arts based learning as fundamental to her success in developing and implementing theatre based projects in high schools. These projects utilise innovative play based strategies, technology and design thinking. The Lightswitch Project at Xavier High School has been the launching pad for arts based education to collide with PBL and design thinking. The project invites students to imagine a world where technology, innovation and creativity intersect with theatre. The results are playful and thought provoking.